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Pressure Treated Wood



What is it?


  • Pressure treated wood is by far the most widely used material in North America for building fences and decks. It's popularity stems from its durability, affordability and low maintenance.
  • Customers often have questions regarding this wood and as a result we put together some information that should answer those most frequently asked.


Is it safe?

  • The treatment for modern pressure treated wood is safe and does not include the previously used arsenic from decades past.


Does it last?

  • Pressure treated wood provides long term protection against fungal decay and termite infestation. The life of a pressure treated wood fence can be greater than 20 years!


Does it fade?

  • The treatment process is why freshly installed Pressure Treated Wood tends to have a greenish or dark brown tinge to it when first installed, depending on the variety used.
  • Even in the first few weeks of sun exposure, the colour will transform to a more natural colour.


Should I stain it?

  • Although pressure treated wood is weather resistant and durable, we recommend you stain it with an oil based stain once after waiting the required 90 days and then every 3-4 years after that. This will prevent the fence from turning dull and grey in colour over the years.
  • Don't sand the fence! if you want to clear debris before staining simply hose it off the day before.  Never use a pressure washer - it will damage the wood.