Brown Pressure Treated Wood


What is it?
  • Brown Pressure Treated Lumber is by far the most widely used material in North America for building fences and decks. Its popularity stems from its durability, relative affordability, and low maintenance.

       Benefits include:

  • Finished look – no need to stain upon installation.
  • Economical when compared to cedar and requires less maintenance.
  • Check out our Featured Fence and ask us about the benefits.

Customers often have questions regarding this wood and as a result, we put together some information that should answer those most frequently asked.

Is it safe?
  • The treatment for modern pressure-treated wood is safe and does not include the previously used arsenic from decades past. It is safe for ground contact.
Does it last?
  • Pressure-treated wood provides long-term protection against fungal decay and termite infestation. The life of a pressure-treated wood fence can be greater than 30 years!
Does it fade?
  • The treatment process is why freshly installed Pressure Treated Wood can have some green spots Copper is the most widely used element in wood preservatives and can create a green color on the wood, this is to be expected but is temporary. As the wood dries and reacts to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the green color will fade. Natural tree sap can also cause this but again this does fade over time and is a natural element of lumber not avoidable nor indicative of the quality of lumber.
Should I stain it?
  • Although pressure-treated wood is weather resistant and durable, for best results we recommend you stain it with a water-based stain once after waiting the required 90 days and then every 3-4 years after that for maintenance if you want to maintain colour. This will prevent the fence from turning dull and grey in color over the years and although this is not required it can keep the fence looking good for decades to come!
  • We don’t recommend sanding the fence (except for isolated areas if needed)…If you want to clear debris before staining simply hose it off the day before.  A pressure washer is not recommended as it may cause damage and wear depending on the amount of pressure used.
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